Wednesday, 30 October 2013

How much is too much in terms of dog diet

If you love your pet, do not over feed him (or under feed him). Given is a generic list of diet to be followed for sound health of your canine.

A caring pet owner will always make sure his pets never starve. The food bowl will always have something in it. I recently read a news article where an elephant owner was so fond of eating junk food, that he fed his pet the same. 

The elephant developed a taste for junk food and it went to an extent where it died or arthritis. Medical reports suggested obesity and excessive unnatural food consumption. The real reason though was the owner’s ignorance to his pet’s diet. 

Junk food by no means can become a  staple diet for animals but sometimes because we love our pets so much, we end up either feeding him too much ( too less in some cases ) or the wrong food.  

So the million dollar question is what is the benchmark for a dog diet?  The answer to this depends on the size, age and your dog’s breed of your canine. So here is a list of generally accepted diet plan for your pet.

List of generally accepted diet plan for your  pet

Lot of Water Intake

Dogs are hot blooded animals. Hence they always need to cool down to keep their body temperature at par. Keep a bowl of clean water near to its resting place.  Always refill or change the contents as and when required. 

One whole meal a day

Dogs are born hunters, so their physique is designed appropriately to that. Their teeth are meant to tear more than chew, unlike humans. So their diet should involve food which does not lead a lot of chewing.  One meal a day, whenever it is accustomed to be preferable. Don’t overheat the food as it may take away the nutritional value of the meal. Over-feeding may lead to your dog becoming lethargic. 

Keep it on the natural side

The best diet for your diet should be a mix of natural food with some amount of food supplements. Follow a diet plan- Consult your vet and get the best diet plan designed and follow it on day-in-day-out basis. When paired in the right proportion, it can build the immune system and fight against health concerns and flea problems. Feeding your pet only with one and neglecting other would not help in overall development 

Make it wholesome 

A diet should have the right balance of essential nutrients (again depending on age, breed and size) for your pet friend. Carbohydrates, Proteins, Vegetables and Supplements should constitute the majority of the diet. 
Avoid this- Chocolate, Garlic, Onions and nuts are some of the most commonly consumed foods globally by humans, although they are not good for your pet’s health. After flea allergies, food allergy accounts for dog’s health problems.

Follow the diet plan

Consult your vet and get the best diet plan designed and follow it on day-in-day-out basis. 

Your pet’s health is in your hands and accordingly takes actions to ensure it at all costs.  

Monday, 28 October 2013

Know your pet’s enemy - Flea

If you know your enemy well, you might find the cure and restrict the seriousness of the problem. The same logic applies to getting rid of fleas.

We all love our pets! We go to any extent to make it look the best, in the same way we should also take the same efforts to make the pet healthy. If we keep a look out for the symptoms, we can either prevent it or cure it at an  early stage. 

A smart owner will always follow this – a pet will is healthy from inside is beautiful outside. So let us take an insight in our pet’s enemy – the flea and then the symptoms to curb them.

Flea facts:

Not all fleas are adult fleas, in fact only 5% attain adulthood.
There are more than 2000 sub species of  fleas.
A female flea can lay dozens of eggs per day.
Fleas can be found almost anywhere in warm conditions.
Summer and autumn are their favorite seasons.
Fleas don’t fly but they jump to those lengths which is impossible in human comparison.
Fleas are blood suckers
Fleas can spend months as larvae.
Fleas are not made to survive in cold temperatures
Fleas cause major health concerns in pets
Fleas are visible if observed carefully
Fleas can be killed

Most common symptoms

Itching and scratching
As fleas primarily feed on host blood, they would bite and draw blood out. That would cause a lot of irritation to the pet and it would keep scratching throughout. The itching can cause serious problems going forward..

Hair loss and dry skin may cause inflammation and red bumps may be visible in the most prone affected areas on your pet’s body. These would be mainly because the pet tries to bite off the pests but fails to do so.

Dark-specs in fur
If you have been a pet owner for quite a while now, you would be able to see dark brown specs in the fur moving around at a considerable speed. Otherwise consult a vet.

The last fact mentioned above talks about killing the fleas. Before the problem turns grave, use the flea control treatments which are available both at home and in the stores.

Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Ways to get rid of fleas –Vinegar

For all the people who love to cook, vinegar becomes one of the basic ingredients while making pickles or salad dressings. Also, you can use it to make mayonnaise and ketchup. As a pet owner, what do you do if you have extra vinegar at home? Use it as a flea medicine. You may come across different types of vinegars available; consult a professional while choosing the right one.

As it contains acetic acid, it can be used in cleaning. We all know by now that if you have a pet, keeping the house clean is very important. Vinegar, being acidic in nature can be used as a cleansing agent. It works well when cleaning glasses, stainless steel, coffee stains and smooth surfaces.

As the winter sets in, the fleas would look for a hide-out which is warm and cozy. Our homes are ideal for fleas to thrive. Using a strong disinfectant such as  vinegar can also be a cost-effective way to get rid of fleas.

Vinegar is fatal for fleas as they cannot stand the taste and smell of it. Using the right amount in the right way can be a boon for your pet.

You can either apply it directly with hands or you can mix it with warm water and detergent, make a paste of it and apply it. Avoid any contact with eyes as that might cause irritation to your pet friend.  Comb the pet’s fur once done to see the fleas fall off and die instantly. 

Likewise, wherever the pet sits, shakes its body or sleeps, that area might be infected with fleas. Spray some vinegar in all such places such as  the carpet, bedding, floor mat, furniture and rugs to disinfect the area. Once you do that your pet can happily relax there.

In case you want to use other alternatives to kill fleas, you can use Aspis Forte by GenericFrontlinePlus which is equally effective 

Saturday, 19 October 2013

Playing hide and seek with fleas

Hide-and-seek has been one of the favorite games that children play across the globe. Who ever thought of this game first must have been a genius as it teaches children to be cautious and to develop strategies. Surely, most of us would like to hide than seek as being easier than the latter, but what if you have to seek a master hider? You have to really play smart.  

It all seems well until you are seeking someone (or something) that is less than 3mm in length that too through millions of places where it can hide. Yes, fleas have that advantage, needless to say we don’t.  Where the fleas could be hiding today?

On your pet’s fur

Almost all kinds of animals are prone to flea attacks. As your pet goes outdoor quite often, it can catch fleas almost anywhere it goes. Also, if it comes in contact with another animal that is already infected, chances are high that your furry friend will bring home some unwanted guests.

Inside our house

Our house being warm is ideal place. Your pets become a vector as they lay eggs on their fur and wherever your pet sits, the eggs roll down and make it their home. It could be furniture, carpet, flooring or an ignored corner as well.

Inside the dog house

If you have built a dog house outside your main house, that could be a hideout as well. If not well kept or is always humid, it would soon catch a flea infestation

Garden or Lawn

Fleas can hide in grass easily and whenever someone passes through their way, they can latch on to the any kind of fur.

Our vehicles

If our pets travel in our cars frequently, chances are that they might leave some flea eggs behind if they have a flea allergy. Check under the seat cushions for any suspicious activity.

It is almost impossible to see it coming but it can be controlled by using Generic Frontline Plus. The game is on!!

Thursday, 17 October 2013

Halloween is here with a fabulous discount offer of up to 30% off on our anti-flea products

One fine sunny day …today!

Mother Flea – “Dear, what are you planning this Halloween?”

                                            Father Flea- “Well, I am planning to buy a nice Halloween costume and scare the crows out of the cats”.

Mother Flea- “Wow, did you find a new cat?”

Father Flea- “Yes, It is fat, hairy and very cozy. I was hanging out in the garden and found this feline. I could smell fresh blood from a distance and jumped onto it”.

Mother Flea- “I am so proud of you. I am going to lay 
All my eggs on our new found home”.

                                                        Father Flea- “yes, I will inform other as
well. Take care sugar and stay safe. I will be right back”. 

This sounds like an excerpt from a film but this happens every day around us. 

Luckily we intercepted this conversation before the dog could be infected and decided to launch a grand Halloween treat for our pet friends.

This Halloween we have decided to make your pets smile. Be it a pet dog or a cat, we want to see them happy and excited.  As we all know, festivals brings happiness, we would like to share in this happiness by offering a 20% discount on all Frontline Plus products and  30% discount on all GenericFrontlinePlus products  to help you get rid of all the flea problems. 

All you have to do it click on  and select the right product depending upon your pet’s requirement from the wide range of products on our catalogue. Use the coupon code 20pgfp13 for frontline plus products and "hellogfp13" as coupon code for generic frontline plus products. The Halloween offer has started on 15th October 2013 and will be valid till the Halloween day which is 31st October 2013.

Act now, before the fleas read about this because the cat is already out of the box.

Wednesday, 16 October 2013

The noble thing about adopting a pet

Helping others is a righteous act. Some people might go through get lengths to help others or to get others out of trouble. I met a person who has provided shelter to around seven pets including both cats and dogs. On questioning, he stated that adoption is easy if done in the right manner. Some of the most important factors of adopting a pet are as follows-

Consider your options

Buying a pet is easier than the adopting a pet; but the latter is more soothing to the pet as it is giving the pet another chance to be petted. Depending upon your choice, you may buy or adopt but make sure you know its history in either of the option. Picking up a pet form the roadside is an exception to that.

Check the source of adoption

If possible, know the source from where the pet has come. Abandoned pets are normally taken up by animal shelter and rescue groups. See if the pet you are adopting suits your requirement and whether you can take care of its needs.  Some owners leave their pets because it is terminally ill, some do it because they cannot manages its expenses or are moving out or some over-breed and have no space to keep additional pets. In other cases, some pets lose their way back home and the worst of all, some people think that their pet is out of fashion and buy a new pet leaving this at the hands of destiny.

Disinfect your house

Before moving in with your newly adopted pet friend, disinfect the whole house, clean it properly and make it ready to welcome the newest member of your family. On the other hand, use the best flea medicine to keep the pests from entering your home. 

Online shops such as   GenericFrontlinePlus offer a heavy discount on most of its cat and dog products. Give that poor animal another shot at life as it has been unfortunate at the first try. It would only add to your virtuous deeds.  

Friday, 11 October 2013

Make this scary Halloween extremely healthy for your darling pets

Halloween is around the corners, why don't you add special health to your pets life at this Halloween 2013, avail flea medication and make your pets happy.


Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Why does your dog fall ill?

How does it feel when you see that your pet, which you are used to play around or cuddle up with, does not do his normal activities?  With pale eyes and unexcited body language, it sits in a corner, with his tail curled up around his body and his head dug deep in-between.

It is a sign that your dog is not happy with whatever is happening to it, either internally or externally. More often than not, it would be suffering from some health problem. Dogs are prone to multiple diseases.  Some of the basic reasons for your canine falling ill are listed below–

Viral Infections

Virus attacks the nervous system and weakens the immunization which in turn opens up doors to further problems. You must have seen a lot of us start sneezing when we are getting out house painted or re-decorated. It happens because of the distemper that is used. Dogs, alike are prone to it. Other major factors are the air-borne virus that get caught when out pets are outdoors

Diet Pattern 

Some dogs eat what their owners eat because that is what they are served. Although dogs and humans have descended from different ancestors, hence their dietary requirements will vary.
Also, too much of spices in food are a bane to your dog’s health

External Parasites

Flea and tick problems are major risk factors. They are hard to locate and they can easily latch on to their vectors. They multiply fast and if not taken care of immediately, may be a major concern. They carry some bacteria which are endemic in nature.


Due to changing environment, dogs have developed similar health conditions to that of a human, namely heart related problems, arthritis and sometimes even cancer.

Ignorance can be fatal. One unspoken rule of keeping a pet dog is to know all the possible grey areas with your pet’s health. Treatments and specialist consultations may be costly (depending upon the diagnosis) but using precautionary measures can definitely add years to your pet’s life.

Monday, 7 October 2013

Put an end to dog fleas

The one thing that most of the dog owners agree upon is the fear of summertime because that is the season of fleas. And this is a vulnerable time for your pets to get exposed to fleas.

Dogs frequently get infected with fleas over interaction with other species or interaction with fleas in the setting. The heavy-duty backbone of fleas allows it to hover from crowd to crowd or from the setting onto the crowd. 

Fleas are wingless basically so they cannot soar high. The flea’s nibble on your pet’s skin may result in irritation. And again, the case may be different for a delicate animal that is allergic to flea bites. 

This irritation can be quite harsh and can lead to hair fall, swelling and minor skin irritations. There are pets that are ultra-sensitive to the flea's spittle. They will start itching the moment a flea bites them.

Accumulating all this, you may right away want to know what the best way of controlling dog fleas is. Search no further. 

The article will give you an insight of flea info and putting an end to fleas. It will also focus on the cure and deterrence of fleas which I am sure by now; you are getting highly interested on. 

The first step is to ensure to keep an environment that is clean and hygienic. Remember the flea’s likes to lurk in dirty homes. So be insured today. Neglecting to keep your home clean and the house furniture’s therein will lead to a flea attack. Try to vacuum away all of your cushions and bed covers from time to time. And also make sure that the backyards of your homes are well maintained.

Then bathe your pets regularly preferably with a medicated soap and shampoo meant for fleas. The fleas will surely react to the used products and meet their death’s end soon enough. 

And medicated flea dips and pills are also an effective way to put an end to the flea’s domain. These products are strong enough to clean sweep away even the adult fleas. So use them but keeping in mind the proper instructions.

Spot-on treatments are often recommended especially when your dog’s flea attack is on a later stage. They are guaranteed to kill the toughest of the toughest adult flea even right down to constrain the young insect from developing from the flea egg cell.

Put a total ban to your dog fleas starting from today. Make sure you leave no stone unturned in this whole process and I am sure your dog will have a peaceful from thereon.

Friday, 4 October 2013

Be The Best Friend For Your Dog

A survey was conducted and a set of people was asked this question.  How much do you love your dog? Answer to this question was instant and obvious at the same time -I love it a lot, it is like my family member, it is like my best friend amongst the most common.

But do we actually stand true to these words? Our life has become so busy that we sometimes ignore out pet’s health. But if we are looking for a life-long companion and we have taken its responsibility, then it becomes one of our prime duties.  It does not take a lot for pet care.  Dogs require the same level of care like our babies need. 

Give your pets all essential food supplements depending upon the breed, size and age of your pet. It would help to stimulate growth. Observe the changes that take place and keep a note of it. Discuss the changes and behavioral pattern with your vet for further course of action. Make sure that the diet is rich in nutrition content. Design a health plan and follow it religiously.

Keep the surroundings clean to avoid all major health concerns for your pet. Keep the place lively and safe for your pet. Vacuum clean it regularly and use mild disinfectants, if necessary.  Prevention is always better than cure. Don’t wait for your canine to fall prey to health concerns. Vaccinate your pets against all common diseases. In case it gets exposed to any to any disease or infection, act immediately.

Flea infestation is common amongst our pets. Products like Aspis Forte by Generic Frontline Plus can be worth using to quickly get rid of it.

The best thing about our pet friend is that their demands are low; they do not expect gadgets, branded clothes, automobiles. All they expect is someone looking after them and giving them back the same love and affection that they give to their owners. They are looking for a good friend in you. 

Thursday, 3 October 2013

Products that will free your pooch from fleas

One thing you should know is that your home may be free of ticks today but it may not be so tomorrow. Fleas and ticks are lurking behind any overgrown backyard just in your home or present in your neighbor’s dogs. So you need to be very careful as they are easily transmittable and are a nuisance to be dealt with.

The long-standing plague of fleas, commonly related to pet dogs can cause disturbance to any home. There are common cautionary or preventives for killing fleas and fleas mentioned about anywhere but knowing what’s best for you and your family is what is essential for you. 

I will offer you some product that will help your pooch free from fleas. Just act upon it in the correct method and procedure as instructed and you will have a pet free from fleas.

Grooming your dog is a must do for your dog. And it shouldn’t just start and end with general clean-up. Use a medicated soap and shampoo meant for dog fleas. Lather up the soap foam or shampoo and you will see a lot of the tick’s dead already.  Run a comb through your dog’s hair. That will make it easier for you to see through his hair and kill all the fleas. And after grooming your dog effective and importantly cheap frontline plus for dog.

You can also use medicated powder and Frontline spray for your dog and cats. They are easier to use and are said to be very effective for adult fleas.

Spot on treatment products are smeared in the middle of the shoulder edges of the dog and they are much more in effect for fully-grown fleas. Components that are included are meant to constrain the young insect from developing from the flea egg and several are full of life against larval growth as well.

So I hope that after reading this article, you will make the best use of these products and follow the instructions wisely. These problems are quite common these days and so are the remedies. Visit the online shop GenericFrontlinePlus to get these products at affordable prices.